UVE Advantage

The UVE Advantage:Ultimate Virtual Employee is a family owned business founded by two brothers, Vishal and Vikas Bhatia. They both hold a Masters degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Colorado, Boulder. They both worked for very fast paced technology companies before starting UVE and together they bring 17+ years of corporate experience in systems and processes, which ensure smooth functioning of various components of the UVE business.

Reliable Connection: UVE is a California (US) based company providing outsourcing solutions to businesses worldwide. Apart from being connected directly to your dedicated resource through skype, phone, and our state of the art project management software. You will have phone access to a Project Manager in the US to express your immediate needs.

Attention to Detail: UVE has earned it’s reputation by providing excellent quality work at the most affordable prices. Part of our success is attributed to our attention to detail. All of our clients and employees document the project progression in our project management software. Our project management software allows our clients to break a large project into smaller tasks and set priorities and deadlines for each task. Our programmers then go through each task diligently and make sure that they work on the project as per client’s requirements details and feedbacks.

High Quality Work and Amazing Prices: We stand by our quality. UVE has a thorough talent scouting process and each one of our employee goes through a rigorous screening process. Comparing the quality and the price UVE offers, UVE offers the most competitive pricing in the industry.

Transparency on Hours: Each employee of UVE is trained to update project management software with each unit of time spent on the project. This gives clients piece of mind and granular control on where the time is being spent by their resource.

Consistent and Reliable Service: All our resources are full time paid employees of UVE. They are paid monthly salaries, which provides them stability and we offer them opportunities to grow within our organization. We do not work with a freelancer who either is looking for full time opportunity or is flaky and leaves clients half way through the project.

Team Support: UVE consists of a team of programmers, web designers and marketing experts. All our employees work five days a week with 8+ hrs per day of productivity. In a dedicated resource model, if a particular resource has to take off for vacation, UVE will support client’s project without any interruption by providing equal or more experienced resource on client’s project.

Dedicated phone line: Each of our client gets a dedicated US based phone line, where they can call and leave voice mail anytime of the day as per their convenience. Our programmers are trained to listen to client’s voicemails every single morning of a work day to look for any immediate changes in priority. This also gives clients flexibility to direct their resource via simple phone call and eliminates time zone difference limitations.