Our Team

Vishal Bhatia: CEO and Founder

With close to 7 years of cutting-edge experience in the technology sector, engineer-turned-entrepreneur Vishal Bhatia is the CEO and Founder of Ultimate Virtual Employee. He is a leading expert on the worldwide web in internet marketing, copy writing and personal branding. He is also author of the book “The Serious Entrepreneur’s Guide To Creating Customers For Life.”

After successfully coaching and mentoring numerous entrepreneurs, Vishal recognized that most entrepreneurs are trapped in the mindset of doing everything themselves, leaving them with little or no time to focus on actual money making activities for their business. Committed to help fellow entrepreneurs, Vishal started Utlimate Virtual Employee in 2009 and aims to provide the best outsourcing services to businesses worldwide. Vishal firmly believes that with a partner like UltimateVirtualEmployee.com, small to medium sized firms can, just like Fortune 500 companies, successfully outsource work and reap the same benefits of lower costs and higher efficiency.

Vikas Bhatia: COO and Co-Founder

Vikas Bhatia graduated from University of Colorado, Boulder with Masters in Electrical Engineering. He is the COO and Co-Founder of Ultimate Virtual Employee. He is a leading expert in Google Pay Per Click marketing and Search Engine Optimization. Vikas has successfully coached and mentored over 10,000 budding entrepreneurs via webinars, live conferences, in classroom training and personal coaching. He has shared the stage with the most successful people in the search engine marketing. While coaching and mentoring various entrepreneurs around the world, Vikas too realized that most entrepreneurs are unable to grow because they do not have access to resources to successfully scale.

Fueled by his passion to help fellow business owners, he partnered with Vishal to work on Ultimate Virtual Employee. Our objective is to facilitate an online environment that is conducive to using the best available global resources for the best available prices. Vikas attributes success of Ultimate Virtual Employee to it’s commitment to delivering maximum value to it’s clients and helping them succeed in a constantly changing and challenging business world.